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Multifamily Energy Assessments

Multifamily energy auditing for affordable and market rate properties.

The Purpose

The purpose of a mutlifamily energy audit is to identify and understand the revenue opportunities that comes from reducing the energy use to those who own and occupy multifamily properties.  Did you know that you can lower your vacancy rates and thus increase revenue by decreasing tenant monthly utility bills, its comfort, health and safety?

We work with our customers to achieve the following goals:

  • increase asset valuations
  • reducing the annual operating costs
  • increase tenant comfort and satisfaction, along with attraction and retention
  • compliance with new laws and regulations
  • reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  • promote their "green" properties
  • higher rental rates

Did you know high efficient properties have lower operating costs and command at rent premium between 5%-10% and provides the foundation for higher sales price up to 15%?

When you leverage the available financing we will employ a strategy that will lerverage the available incentives to substantially lower the total cost of your renovation. We will determine the deduction you'll get when you upgrade your existing assets or portion thereof. We will take advantage of any investor owned utility rebates, if any exist, leverage the depreciation schedules to speed up depreciation deductions, and certify the proprty for a $2,000 per unit tax credit if you have a low-rise multifamily property or a $1.80 per square foot tax deduction if your property is a high-rise multifamily or commercial property.

One client spent $2.5 million on renovation of 200 unit multifamily property and through rebates, tax credits, sped up depreciation, and the deduction was able to deduct $2.6 million after upgrading their property and actually saved more than they spent, plus lowered their tax liability which in turn improved their annual cash flow.

In essence, they made money by lowering the tenants cost to live in their apartments, even after a rent increase and lowered their tax liabilty and improved cash flow by leveraging the deductions Apollo Energies was able to deliver.

For 9 years we have been leveraging the various incentives to lower or reduce the cost of making energy efficient renovations. We can help you to.

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