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Home Energy Assessment with Apollo AssistWhen your home was built, its cost savings consisted of how cheaply the builder could build the home. The energy efficiency was the absolute minimum to pass code, which wasn't much higher the 78%-80%.  Your hot water heater is only operating at 62% efficiency.  That's like taking $0.20 to $0.38 of every dollar spent heating and cooling the air in your home, or heating your water, in the penny jar at the local convenience store.  I don't do that.  Do you?  But that is exactly what you are giving to your local utility provider.  Even if you have a small bill of say less than $100, at least $25 is going to pad the profits of your utility company.  Why not put that $25 in your pocket and help pay for something more productive?   If your bill is higher it gets even worse.  That's why you need an energy assessments.  We can help you isolate the inefficiencies in your home and develop a road map to improve the efficiency of your home.

We will show you how to leverage low interest financing and the $1,500-$15,000 in utility rebates to help you make the efficiency upgrades you need without adding any additional expenses than you are already paying today.  We take a holistic approach that leave you with a more comfortable home with your air quality cleaner than a hospital operating room, with more equity in your home.

Independent and Transparent

If you're like us, you want an honest answer without any strings atteched. As indepennent energy raters our job is to provide you with an unbiased assessment of your home and what you need to maximize its efficiency. We will create an energy model of your home, provide recomendations to maximize the efficiency, and deliver a road map to accomplish this goal. When we are done with the assessment and have delivered our report, we will schedule an Audit Review meeting to come back and sit down with you to go over the report, explain what we found and our recomendations and answer your questions. Once you have decide on which recomendations you want to do we will engage a home performance contractor to come out and provide you with a qote for the work you've already selected. This removes any financial conflict of interest the contrfactor might have to add to his contract items you don't need.

The contractors we work with ahve been vetted by us to insure they hold the same philosphy as we do, whcih is to help ou become more energy efficient, more comfortable in our home, and improving the quality of your indoor air for the least cost.

We do not get paid by the contractors. Our fees come directly from you and for our testing services and for handling the rebate application process on your behalf. This provides a level of transparency unmatched in the industry. It is what sets us apart from all the competition who is trying to maximize their profits by adding as much as they can to your upgrade contract.

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