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Addressing the impacts of climate change on your business is forcing everyone to rethink how our buildings function. Whether you own or lease, your carbon footprint can be reduced.  Consequently, being carbon-neutral is becoming a critical to attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones.  A carbon-neutral company attracts quality investors and sustains profits. To reduce your energy use, you need a Commercial Energy Audit.  

As a result, being carbon-neutral today is as necessary as is growing your top line.  Reducing your company’s annual energy spending will improve your climate change risks and promote your sustainability efforts.

Not all commercial energy audits are the same, and not everyone doing them understands the science or has experienced the real-world results.  Knowing the difference between what the energy modeling software says and what reality will say is critical. Plus, just the audit doesn’t really provide

 value.  It’s like going to two different movie theaters, neither really adds value to your movie-going experience.  But if one paid extra attention to making your movie-going experience exceptional, that would add value. 

This is where Apollo Energies comes in.  Our project-managed holistic approach adds value you can’t get anywhere else.  it is how we can guarantee the results.  Knowing the real-world results following an upgrade and knowing what to leverage to offset the cost benefits your bottom-line and increases your positive cash flow and let’s you report tangible results on your company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report.

At Apollo Energies, we pioneered a project-managed-based approach to creating carbon-neutral companies.  


Climate change is here, and it is having real-world negative effects on your business, from the cost of raw materials to your supply chain.  It is a critical component in a circular economy.  Climate disruptions are becoming more frequent with higher intensity. Becoming carbon-neutral is your backstop, and now is the time to start or expand your efforts.

Buying renewable energy certificates (REC) or using carbon offsets will not get you carbon neutral.  Not to those that matter, like your insurance company, financial institutions, investors, vendors, and customers.

To clarify, we’re talking genuinely carbon-neutral solutions that begin to pay dividends today, not down the road.  Moreover, your return on investment is in year one, not two years from now.

Becoming carbon-neutral must be an integral part of your business strategy today.

 For example, you can accomplish this by reducing your annual energy spending following a commercial energy audit. We show how your ROI can happen in the first year. Likewise, you even benefit more if you own low-rise residential multifamily property.


A carbon-neutral workplace contributes to employee wellbeing
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