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Not only must designers and architects design carbon-neutral structures, they need to to walk the walk. They need to be carbon neutral themselves in the buildings they operate in. 

When designing carbon-neutral structures, care must be taken to ensure the right energy conservation measures are used and properly installed so that they produce optimal results. This has not always been the case, even when the designs show they should have been.

The IECC standards are guidelines, i.e. minimums to meet.  But they don’t reach the level necessary to reduce all the carbon emissions needed.

This is where Apollo Energies comes in as energy efficiency consultants. We work with designers to help them create structures that are as efficient

as they can be and then work with the contractors to ensure they install the measures correctly.  

Our engineers manage the energy efficiency aspects of your projects, so they qualify for the available tax incentives. The client’s ROI, too often, is reduced when the client should see their ROI increased.  Coming in late does not make it impossible, just more challenging to qualify for the incentives.

With these efforts, it will help increase your property value and provide substantial and tangible evidence for your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Designing for Carbon Neutral Is Essential

If you’re not designing for carbon-neutrality without all the gimmicks, e.g., carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates, you’re failing in your commitment to a sustainable economy.  While existing buildings emit more carbon, new construction can reduce the carbon they emit.

Reducing carbon emissions is a team effort, and it all starts with the designer.

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