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Managing Multifamily Energy Audits and Upgrades

Why Get An Energy Audit

The Apollo Assist Multifamily Energy Audit is designed to locate areas that will reduce the annual energy spend of both your common areas and tenants.  

We will help you become carbon-neutral and in-prove your ESG Reporting.  Becoming carbon



energy use.  For instance, it will show how you can improve your tenant’s comfort. This will lead to lower vacancy and higher rental rates.   For instance, you cannot fix what you do not know is broken.  Therefore, an energy audit is the most sensible first step you can take.   However, having an energy audit done without an understanding the science behind how a building uses energy will cost you.

Market Rate Or Affordable

Whether you are market rate or affordable.  Looking to improve the property. Working with HUD and LIHTC.  You’re going to need an energy audit.  Additionally, we only conduct ASHRAE Level energy audits and then manage the upgrades you decide on.  This ensures the upgrades are done right, regardless of who the contractor is. This is a critical part of the process.  For instances, it makes no sense insulating your walls or attic if the contractors doesn’t install it properly. Therefore, the most important decision you will need to make is which upgrade to do first.  Best practices in building science tells us why you want to install one energy conservation measures (ECM) before another.  Similarly, there’s actually an order, a sequence if you will, of when to install which ECM.  Failing to adhere to this sequence can literally shave 30-40% off the expected energy savings.  Therefore, it’s becomes critical to hiring someone who knows what they are doing.

Subject Matter Experts

Our SMEs will create an energy model that shows exactly what improvements need to be made. It will list those improvements that are optional. Following the need to do recommendations typically results in the property qualifying major tax incentives. Our SMEs will create an energy model that shows exactly what improvements need to be made.
Leveraging Available Financing

Financing can help you pay for the upgrades. Therefore use one of the most popular financial options. That is, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE).

Commercial PACE programs fund energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, and seismic improvements for multifamily properties.

Additionally, financing is repaid on property taxes for up to 30 years.  However, payments start 12-18 months after the upgrade has been completed.  Because of this, you have a minimum of 12 months worth of savings before you have to service the debt.  However, there are other benefits to making these upgrades the right way. 

Rental Rate Increases

For instance, rental rates can be increased.  In a rent control zone, a willing tenant can exit the current agreement and enter into a new agreement. This work-around to raising rental rates is a win-win if the tenants is also benefiting.

Managing Multifamily Energy Audit Upgrades

Are You For Some Tax Credit

Leveraging Available Tax Credits

We will help you improve your property to guarantee it qualifies for federal tax credit and deductions.

Remember, your return on investment comes from multiple sources. We’ll show you where.

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