We Offer The Solutions You Need

We provide the solutions you need now.  From energy audits to certifying tax credits, helping your company become carbon neutral to helping improve your ESG reporting.  If you want to improve your bottom line and get your ROI within the first year, we can help.  

Section 45L Tax Credits $2,000

Apollo Assist - Energy Audits

Our energy audits are the solution you need to become carbon-neutral quickly.  We pioneered a project-managed based holistic approach to helping companies become carbon-neutral. Reducing your annual energy use is the quickest way to reduce your yearly energy spending.  

It’s no longer good enough for your buildings to be energy efficient — you need to provide assurance they’re safe, healthy and show you’re taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint.  You start this with an energy audit.

Tax credits and deductions

Credits & Incentives

Global warming is being exacerbated by carbon emissions from human activity. Our certification of your tax credits and deductions is the solution you need after you are done making improvements to become carbon-neutral.  The best way to reduce your carbon emissions is to get an energy audit.

But there are even more benefits when renovating and rehabilitating existing buildings.  If you’re making the investment to become carbon-neutral and you’re not getting your ROI in the first year, something is seriously wrong.


ESG Reporting & compliance

Environment, social, governance reporting is the new bottom line.  If your annual energy use is not high on your list of to-do’s, you might want to rethink that.  Not actively taking steps to reduce your annual energy spend is hurting your ESG reporting. 

Why does this matter?  Not reporting your ESG efforts put you in a high-risk category. Your insurance and financial companies, and your investors, don’t want to have to worry about their return on investment.  Don’t want to be a high-risk.

Energy Star Benchmarking


Becoming carbon-neutral or working on it requires you to manage that effort.  It’s not a once-and-done effort.

Benchmarking helps you track our performance against like-kind businesses and alerts you when your energy use spikes.   

You need to control their energy use, and that requires an ongoing effort.  Apollo Energies can help set you up and manage this for you.

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