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When you want your home evaluated, you want it evaluated by someone who will not be receiving compensation based on the recommended upgrades. You want someone who has no financial ties to the actual upgrade work being done. Apollo Energies is an independent energy consulting and rating company. Home Energy Audit with Apollo Assist We know that in order to provide you with an unbiased assessment of your home and make recommendations that you can trust and rely on, we cannot also be getting paid for the recommendations you choose to install.

On average we improve efficiency by 40% or more. For example, your water heater is wasting 38% of every dollar you spend heating your water. Your HVAC system is oversized, which means it is operatingnot running long enough to reach its optimal efficiency. In most cases your HVAC system is operating at 65% of its rated efficiency. This means your 80% efficient furnace or air conditioner is really operating at about 50% efficiency. The reason for this is if they right-sized your HVAC system it would run 24x7 trying to keep up. This is all costing you money.

Your attic is likely at maybe an R-10 when it should be R-49. If you have batts and not blown-in, they just laid the batts in there with no care about how it was installed. But just a 1/4" gap within a 14" span can reduce the R-value of that R-30 batt to an R-value of R-22. If there's additional gaps, that can reduce your R-value to R-15 or less.

Comfort and clean indoor air quality greatly improves


Strategies That Work

Reducing airflow is the best way to improve efficiency. To do this you need to clean out the attic, air seal the air barrier, all interior walls and any penetrations into living space, like recessed lighting, smoke detectors, sprinklers, etc. This will slow down airflow and help pressurize the home, which in turn reduces the heating and cooling loads resulting in smaller HVAC systems. And smaller HVAC systems use less energy.

The science behind energy efficiency is such that it allows you to spend the right amount of money on improvements that have the greatest impact. We have strategies that allow you to pay ≤ $0.40 on the dollar.

Get up to $12,000 in rebates from PGE

Your HVAC system is likely operating at 55% of its rated efficiency. This is because they just did not properly size the system. These are just two of your energy consuming appliances. Your house operates as a system, like a car’s engine is a system. When there’s trouble with a system component, it affects the entire system. We identify what those troubles are.

The contractors we work with have been vetted by us to insure they hold the same philosphy as we do, which is to help you become more energy efficient, comfortable in our home, and improving the quality of your indoor air for the least cost. Our fees come directly from you and are for our testing services and for managing the upgrade process and rebate application.

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