Carbon-free is the answer. Net-Zero is a starting point.


Corporate America needs to offset its carbon emissions as it upgrades
Corporations large or small can benefit from carbon offsets. Whether you're a public company or a private company supplier to a public company, it benefits you to take advantage of the marketplace when the SEC releases its regulations on reporting annual carbon emissions.

Supply Chains

Supply chains often account for more than 90% of their clients greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Leading organizations across many sectors are instituting annual GHG-accounting practices. Carbon offsets is a large part of the implementation to becoming energy efficient.  


Is your business having a tough time trying to decarbonize? If you are finding it difficult to take control of the emissions in your supply chain, or are unable to reduce your annual energy use sufficiently to avoid regulatory and stakeholder pressures, carbon offsets can help.
3DC offers carbon offset contracts from 5 years to 20 years. Pay less for 20 year contracts
5-Year Contract

$100 per mtCO2e

(minimum 9,500 mtCO2e)
All 3DC carbon offsets provide additionality, they actually offset your carbon emissions.
10-Year Contract

$96 per mtCO2e

(minimum 9,500 mtCO2e)
3DC creates a buffer pools provide assurances you always get the carbon emission offsets you're paying for.
15-Year Contract

$92 per mtCO2e

(minimum 9,500 mtCO2e)
3DC protects against dilution using serial numbers on all offsets to prevent double-dipping.
20-Year Contract

$88 per mtCO2e

(minimum 9,500 mtCO2e)

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