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Working to reduce energy use to improve the built environment then adding solar for Zero Net Energy.

In the Beginning

Apollo Energies began following the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Our founder, Mark Stout, wanted to build 5-15 MW solar farms and enter into a PPA with the local utilities and then sell the solar farm. Kind of like buying a house, fixing it up and selling it. Mark wanted to do something similar with solar farms. But he needed investors and in 2009 no investors saw a path to profitability in the solar industry.

Then he was introduced to energy efficiency at home by his partner, Bobbi Lu Bennett, who showed him some minor things he could do to lower his monthly utility bill. The result was he began almost immediately saving up to $300 a month in his utility bills. His 3,000 SF house was costing him $400-$450 a month and after making the changes dropped to $122-$128 a month consistently. Knowing he was not unique, he developed a business model that became the foundation for what is now Apollo Energies.

Now through strategies developed by Mark and his team, Apollo Energies is helping thousands of homeowners and business owners save money. In fact, these strategies today are now proving to increase monthly positive cash flows whether you are a homeowner, in any size home, or a business owner who leases his commercial space, to the owner of income property, both residential and nonresidential.

Apollo Energies is one independent energy rating and consulting companies providing their customers with a path to profitability through energy efficiency and renewable energy. The team at Apollo Energies believes that if you‘re not energy efficient before you go solar, you are just cheapening the energy you are already wasting. This pathway leverages the available incentives and tax strategies that allow their customers to recognize a return on their investment with one to two years, much quicker than they would otherwise see.

Today Apollo Energies is working on adding home automation and Internet of Things to its service offerings as a way to stay engaged with their customers. Now that Apollo Energies customers are energy efficient, living in a more comfortable home and in a healthier environment, the next phase is to provide convenience of living. Smart technology such as smart thermostats such as the Nest, or smart door locks such as Kwikset Smart Door Lock to name just two.

Mark Stout - President, Founder

Mark has an extensive background in Information Technology and Telecommunications working for companies like Intel Corp and Pacific Telesis, now AT&T, who owned and operated the first web hosting company in 1995 which offered web hosting and online e-Commerce services to businesses and global Internet access for C-Level and corporate executives professionals, to international sales teams who traveled and needed reliable Internet access. Using this experience Mark developed strategies that have proven successful in finding a niche and filling it.

Bobbi Lu Bennett - Chief Energy Officer, Founder

Bobbi has an extensive background in finance and investing. Having held her Series 7 and other licenses required to conduct public and private stock market and other financial transactions. She earned her MBA with a focus on Energy Management and graduated with top honors from Phoenix University in 2014. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her wealth of real world knowledge makes her a valuable member of our executive team. Bobbi was instrumental in changing the focus of Apollo Energies early on into energy efficiency.

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