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Working to reduce energy use in the built environment to become truly carbon-neutral and improve your ESG reporting.

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Recent Articles

New National Electric Grid grid, communications tower

Argument for a National Electrical Smart Grid

No MicroGrid, But A Smart National Grid We need a smart national electric grid, not the smaller independent microgrids operated by utility companies. We did that with the Internet and we now have 2-3 Internet companies providing all your Internet. Those who have no Internet are at the mercy of those Internet companies to provide

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Commercial energy audits

Commercial Energy Audits Done Right.

You cannot fix what you do not know is broke.  A commercial energy audit identifies potential energy efficient improvements by locating where a building is losing energy.  Energy audits also evaluate the energy and water efficiency of building systems such as heating, cooling, lighting, and water heating among other building components. A commercial energy audit also

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Section 45L Tax Credit Case Study

  The federal Energy Efficient New Homes Tax Credit (“45L”) applies to single-family and multi-family dwelling units that are three stories or less above grade, that were constructed new or renovated and sold or leased as a primary residence between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2021.  You can go back three years from your

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