ASHRAE Energy Audits

What Are ASHRAE Energy Audits?

ASHRAE level energy audits are a powerful tool for uncovering operational and commercial equipment improvements that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to higher performances. Commercial Energy audits can be done as a stand-alone effort. Also, they may be conducted as part of a larger analysis across a group of facilities or across an owner’s entire portfolio.

ASHRAE Level I Audit

The ASHRAE Level I audit is a clipboard audit and is the basic starting point for building energy optimization. It consists of an initial review of the property’s utility bills and a brief site survey of the building, its systems, and how it operates. The ASHRAE Level I audit is intended to provide a quick assessment of the potential energy and cost saving opportunities.

ASHRAE Level II Audit

The ASHRAE Level II audit incorporates everything from the Level I Audit while additionally providing a more detailed analysis on the building’s operations and its energy use. Energy consumption can be disaggregated by end use so that building owners and operators can easily understand which areas of operation may present the greatest opportunities for improvements. The site assessment may include a variety of diagnostic testing depending on the types of systems the building has and how the building operates. We conduct tests including combustion analysis, steady state efficiency testing, lighting level assessment (foot candles and lighting power density), blower door testing, duct leakage testing, air flow measurements, water flow measures, and infrared thermography

Once the detailed site assessment is complete, an energy model is created that analyzes your building’s energy use. This model allows us to determine which energy conservation measures (ECM) would best fit your building and identify energy use reduction opportunities while improving occupant comfort.

ASHRAE Level III Audit

The ASHRAE Level III energy audit is a highly instrumented and long-term study that includes everything from a Level II Audit in addition to collecting long-term trend data. We use data logging devices and information fed from the commercial building’s energy management systems in the analysis. This data is then used to pinpoint operational opportunities, setpoint adjustments, sensor adjustment, and calibration opportunities, and other equipment-specific ECM’s. These audits are in-depth analyses and are designed to help us accurately pinpoint energy use and opportunities for cost savings. The Level III audit is typically reserved for more complex commercial and industrial buildings with very specific and accurate economic payback analysis requirements.

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