Commercial Energy Audits

Improve Your Sustainability


Successfully managing the way your commercial organization uses energy is crucial to your business model. Addressing the impacts of climate change on your business means identifying how your company emits carbon emissions and then taking steps to eliminate that emission. The best way to do this is to reduce your energy use first by completing a commercial energy audit.

Our commercial energy audits are the first step in helping you focus on the greenhouse gas protocol scope’s 1, 2, and 3.

WWhether you own or lease, your carbon footprint can and should be reduced. The consequences of not being carbon-free are becoming critical to attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones.

Many people talk about becoming carbon-free. But that just maintains the status quo, and that’s no longer good enough. You now need to be carbon-free. This means reducing your carbon emissions to zero or as much as you can before turning to carbon offsets.

Commercial Energy Audits

Today you need to be working towards becoming be carbon-free. It is your new top line. A commercial energy audit is where you start. However, not all commercial energy audits are the same. Not everyone doing them understands the science behind how a building operates and how changing one item can negatively affect several others. If you’re not careful, you spend money needlessly or too much.

Here is where Apollo Energies comes in. Our project-managed holistic approach adds value you can’t get anywhere else. it is how we can guarantee the results. Knowing the real-world results following an upgrade and knowing what to leverage to offset the cost benefits your bottom-line and increases your positive cash flow and lets you report tangible results on your company’s ESG report.

At Apollo Energies, we pioneered the holistic project-managed-based approach to creating carbon-free companies and creating your ESG provenance sufficient for any regulatory filing and potential investors

Improving Your ESG Reporting

When you become carbon-free, you will want to report that to the world. In doing so, you want to present all your efforts in your ESG report.  Then you want to get an ESG rating. We help you with both.

Becoming carbon-free must be an integral part of your business strategy today. For example, you can accomplish this by reducing your annual energy spending following a commercial energy audit. We show how your ROI can happen in the first year. TOur solution applies to residential multifamily properties.

Financing Options

When it comes to funding your upgrades, you have several options. You can support it yourself with a check. You can borrow the money using traditional financing. You can use a power purchase agreement. We created the UmbrellaPPA­™ to help you fund the upgrades, plus your solar and optionally a storage system.

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