Securing Your ESG Reporting With Provenance

Your ESG Reporting With Provenance

A transparent way to show sceptical observers that the company’s actions concerning sustainability are sincere.

Why Is ESG Provenance Important?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is preparing to issue a new rule.  The purpose is to require disclosures about climate-related risks and metrics reflecting those risks because this information can have an impact on public companies’ financial performance or position and may be material to investors in making investment or voting decisions.

Registrants will provide climate-related information about climate related financial risks and metrics in their financial statements. The disclosures would provide consistent, comparable, and reliable decision-useful information to investors to enable them to make informed judgments about the impact of climate-related risks on current and potential investments.

Requiring Attestation?

The SEC's proposal will require attestation by a third-party service provider.   Apollo Energies is a third-party a service provider.

Regarding the reporting of public compnies the The integrity of your SEC filings and reporting are critical to eliminating the fears of manipulation worrying both the SEC and investors.  The value of sustainable reporting will not only affect public companies, investors will come to rely on this same information when looking to invest in private companies. Having provnence on your reporting, even as a private enterprise, is going to be an important

Having provenance improves your corporate ESG Reporting.

We Secure Your ESG Provenance

ur Blockchain Secures Your ESG ProvenanceWe support global initiatives so they can reach the standards and requirements from different certification processes.  For Compliance, ESG, SDGs, Food, Finance and Energy, we provide full traceability and transparency to these processes, so enterprises can rest assured knowing they will be able to meet and provide full provenance to certification bodies!

We use blockchain’s inherent security to create safer and secure provenance for your SEC sustainability filings and ESG reporting .The immutability and traceability of blockchain make accurate accountability a reality, helping you and your team meet any requirements.  Our blockchain ensures the integrity of your ESG provenance.


Setup Your ESG Provenance